NARRATIVES #1 (Comedy & Drama)

Friday, 2/21, 6:30 PM at Linfield College
Melrose Hall – Ice Auditorium (campus map and parking)

Saturday Film Club – “East of a Dream” (McMinnville, OR)
Tabatha Golat – “The United Guys Network” (Vancouver, BC)
Jason Rosenblatt – “Next” (Portland, OR)
Saeed Vahidi – “We Were There” (Vancouver, BC)
Daniel Noblom – “Not Suitable for Children” (Spain)
Melissa Gregory Rue – “Esperanza’s Turn” (Portland, OR)
Philip A. Anderson – “The Talk” (Tigard, OR)
Casey McFeron – “Malibu” (Happy Valley, OR)
Megan Ward Stevens – “Beast” (Portland, OR)



Saturday, 2/22, 10 AM at McMinnville Cinemas
300 NE Norton Lane

Wellington Pitts – “Death From Outer Space” (Gr 6-12 from Shoreline, WA)
Kian Doughty – “unHEARD” (Gr 6-12 from Portland, OR)
Carter Wallenius – “Aiden’s Freaking Rage Journal” (Gr 6-12 from Canby, OR)
Braeden Olheiser – “Tandem Thoughts” (Gr 6-12 from Salem, OR)
Central High School Panther Film Crew – “88 Words Per Minute” (Gr 6-12 from Independence, OR)
Marissa Dingman – “Of Golden Means” (College from Portland, OR)
Yue Li – “Be Known: From Northern China to the Pacific Northwest” (College from Newberg, OR)
Anna Mendes – “Let.Go.Before.Trying” (College from Ashland, OR)
Kevin Beasley – “Heavyweight” (College from Portland, OR)
Delaney Dallas – “DomiNOT” (College from Forest Grove, OR)
Coleman Weimer – “Mount Angel Pilgrim” (College from Newberg, OR)
Jonathan Cantrell – “Floppin’ Year Round” (College from Portland, OR)



Saturday, 2/22, 12:30 PM at McMinnville Cinemas

David Wayne Reed – “Eternal Harvest” (Kansas City, MO)
Alican Abacı – “Only One World Left” (Turkey)
Bryan Nelson – “Women of the Sea (Mujeres del Mar)” (Tucson, AZ)
Jonathan Elliott – “Along the Water’s Edge” (Ontario, Canada)
Rose Madrone – “InterConnections: Everything is Connected” (Portland, OR)
Biz Young – “To The Land” (Cincinnati, OH)
Zach Putnam – “For Ayan” (Portland, OR)
Dave Weich – “Home or High Water” (Portland, OR)



Saturday, 2/22, 2:30 PM at McMinnville Cinemas

Alba Enid Garcia – “Time/Space Reflections” (Bronx, NY)
Zach Christy – “Calls for Archie” (Playa Vista, CA)
Deb Ethier – “And She Rode Forth….” (Ontario, Canada)
Ryo Okawara – “Shumshu” (Tokyo, Japan)
Christian Eusebio – “Severance” (Sunnyvale, CA)
Geoff Marslett – “The Phantom 52” (Austin, TX)
Sunny Wai Yan Chan – “Godspeed” (Newark, CA)
Longyin Zhou, Yujie Chen – “A Big Mission” (New York, NY)
Daria Kashcheeva – “Daughter” (Czech Republic)
Romain Borrel – “Jack of All Trades in: The Electrician” (Auckland, New Zealand)
John Banana – “Luz” (Paris, France)


NARRATIVES #2 (Comedy & Drama)

Saturday, 2/22, 6:30 PM at McMinnville Cinemas

Christopher Kerr – “Café Diem” (Bremerton, WA)
Robert Grabow – “Method” (Livingston, MT)
Denise Karey – “Friends Roman” (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Michelle Bossy – “Incurable” (New York, NY)
Sean Parker, Austin Hillebrecht – “Word on the Street” (Portland, OR)
Dawn Jones Redstone – “Magnificent” (Portland, OR)
Sonia Sebastian – “AC” (Portland, OR)
Ian Stout – “To No End” (Portland, OR)
Josh Brine – “The Fish Out of Water” (Portland, OR)
Elizabeth Rodgers – “The Swimming Lesson” (Boise, ID)



Saturday, 2/22, 9 PM at McMinnville Cinemas

Polly Schattel – “Here There Be Tygers” (Asheville, NC)
Darien Harte – “Deathboy” (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Corey Mayne – “Willa” (Ontario, Canada)
Matt Robinson – “Witches Get Stitches” (Camas, WA)
Martin Melnick – “Circle” (Portland, OR)
Jason Wilkinson – “Killing Time” (Portland, OR)
Tommy Hallal – “Stew” (Cleveland, OH)
Shawn Driscoll – “Naughty” (Winchester, VA)
Keith Adams – “Chromophobia” (Brooklyn, NY)



Sunday, 2/23, 10 AM at McMinnville Cinemas

Gabriela Clar – “Yikásdáhí – Awaits the Dawn” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Jay Cardinal Villeneuve – “Holy Angels” (Alberta, Canada)
Claude Bauschinger – “Blood Lineage” (New York, NY)
Tristin Greyeyes – “ I’m Not Next” (Canada)
Alexandra Lazarowich – “Fast Horse” (Alberta, Canada)
Jonathan Elliott – “Taken Home” (Ontario, Canada)
Jonathan Elliott – “Even In the Silence” (Ontario, Canada)
Antonio Coello – “The Creation of The World” (Mexico City, Mexico)



Sunday, 2/23, 12:15 PM at McMinnville Cinemas

Christian Lybrook – “Split Rail” (Boise, ID)
Matthew McKee – “Yuryung” (San Francisco, CA)
Logan Polish – “Margot” (Los Angeles, CA)
Robert Schmeltzer – “External Hardware” (Portland, OR)
Brian Benson – “Eat the Rainbow” (San Francisco, CA)
Cosmo Spada – “Bird of Greed” (Newberg, OR)
Michael Elliott Dennis – “The Program” (Boston, MA)
Susan Maughlin Wood – “Coastal Fire – A Common Diary” (Seattle, WA)
Brenden Hubbard – “The Helping Hand” (Tucson, AZ)



Sunday, 2/23, 2:30 PM at McMinnville Cinemas

Remington Smith – “The Derby” (Louisville, KY)
Blue Chalk – “Letters of Today” (Brooklyn, NY)
Kendra Jacobson – “The 99W” (Portland, OR)
Michał Hytroś – “The Sisters” (Poland)
Zach Putnam – “Sonic’s Story” (Portland, OR)
Jason Rosenblatt – “The Michelle Experience” (Portland, OR)
Bryan Nelson – “Streetlights of the Universe” (Tucson, AZ)
Cecilia Brown – “Root Shocked” (Portland, OR)
Katie Turinski – “Sock Guys” (Brooklyn, NY)